Making a Connection

It has been a difficult week for me as a PA, one of my clients has gone from being vulnerable to being to being mentally ill. The work that I have been able to do with the client has allowed me to chip away and find out what is really going on with them.

The client is now getting additional support but it isn’t easy seeing them in a hospital. I am so glad that the local authority has agreed to allow me to support my client, we have made a connection, one that they have not made with others before me. This was pointed out to me when I visited them today and the Doctor said “So your the PA, your client has spoken lots about you. They really like you.”

A win is different for everyone, for me making a connection with someone who needs a friend is a huge win for me.

PA Training with relaxation and defense

Today our PAs enjoyed the opportunity to relax, share ideas, improve their knowledge around neurological and psychosis and learn how to defend themselves if the there ever came a need to do so.

The session started with a lesson in wellness yoga to help with calming yourself down and becoming more aware of your body and emotions. The PAs found the whole experience very enjoyable, even those a little skeptical at the start. They were then given the opportunity to explore the differences between neurological and psychosis to allow them to provide a better level of empathy and understanding to our clients who live with these conditions.

The afternoon offered a more active sessions as the basics of protection and defense was taught to our PAs. We were able offer an insight and increase the confidence of our PAs if they were ever to be placed in that kind of scenario.

We would like to thank those who took part and for those who took the sessions, it is important to use to give these tools to those who work so hard to offer our clients an amazing service.