Bringing a Tear to Their Eye

We work hard to make our client’s lives easier, they fight so hard due to poor mental health or addictions, and sometimes we can do something that has a larger impact.

My client has struggled financially for some time, every since I started supporting them almost 2 years ago. They have had people trying to help him but they too have poor money management, and some have been accused of taking advantage of my client.

6 months ago we started to look at supporting them from following poor advice and to stop them from spending money that is in the bank for bills etc. It has seen friendships strained and lots of apologies for dipping in to the bank but this week I made my client cry. We had managed to keep the gas and electric topped up, they always had periods without any. We have managed to keep their kitchen cupboards filled.

However I made a call on their behalf to a debt collection company, one that they had forgotten about due to their friends poor advice. During the call I asked for the balance, it wasn’t a few pound, and the client’s face when I said that we would like to pay it in full was an amazing bonus for me. To see them finally get hold of their finances and clear off all of their debts was an amazing feeling for me. 

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