Joining the Team

Starting at Breaking the Cycle, I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of how the work we do was approached. Since shadowing and actually getting out and getting to meet clients, I have only been positively overwhelmed by not only the work that is being done, but also the clients that I have met.
Getting out and experiencing the work that BTC does has shown me how broad the role is; supporting clients in so many different parts of life, no matter how big or small; for instance, just popping to the shops or taking trips to the zoo where clients really get to just enjoy themselves. Breaking the Cycle has an amazing family feel to it and I could feel this about 5 minutes into my first
shadowing session!
I’ve really been able to see how the clients benefit from this aspect of Breaking the Cycle and how important it is to offer support in such a caring and laidback way. The person-centred scheme that Breaking the Cycle runs is amazing, especially because each client differs and is treated as such. So far, all I can say is that the work I have seen those at Breaking the Cycle do is
invaluable and definitely does help improve client’s lives – in many different ways! I’m so excited to carry on with this work and contribute to the amazing support that BTC offers.

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