Managing Offending Behaviour


Course Aims

This course has been designed to raise awareness of theories and models of effective offender management, and to empower participants to effectively engage with service users.  This course will explore the social, psychological and educational implications of embracing these successful methodologies and the potential benefits for service users.  It will demonstrate how everyone who works with young people and adults can achieve great outcomes for themselves and young people by using models of practice steeped in person-centred holistic processes.


In addition course participants will learn to address a whole manner of difficult practice issues in a focused and empowering way.  We will also introduce intervention models designed to assist users make positive choices to help them make better choices and gain better outcomes.


Learning Outcomes

  • An overview of good practice via Social Pedagogy and examples of the impacts they have on users
  • An understanding of the power of effective risk management and intervention models and how they can improve practice
  • Understanding key issues in individual practice and designing models to improve outcomes to assist in relationship building
  • Participants will also be given up to date links and resources for information and development
  • Participants will be given person-centred models in addressing issues and reducing offending behaviour including a Restorative Approach.


“a great overview of offending behaviour from trainers who have a great deal of experience and they motivate staff to address a broad range of issues….. well done”


Gerry Moloney, Operational Courts Manager Youth Offending Service