Not Just a Day at the Zoo

My client has been excited for over a week, preparing packed their packed lunch the night before and looking online to decide which animals they were most desperate to see. With our packed lunches ready we headed to a very muddy zoo but that didn’t stop us. We started at the monkeys, which were making a lot of noise which we thought was great, they are obviously used to putting on a show. My client seemed like a different person, they were distracted from everyday life and was really enjoying their own little adventure. We squelched through mud, we got soaked in the rain but it was all part of the experience. We saw everything from meerkats to giraffes, my client particularly loved the penguins who followed their hand when they moved it across the tank. For a moment it was just the client and the penguins they had so desperately wanted to meet. Although shy of the crowds, nothing was stopping my client from having a peek in each of the enclosures. I am very proud of my client for building the courage to go on such an adventure! 3 months ago they would have never imagined that they could get to a point where they would have had the confidence to go on an outing like this. We have gradually worked on the client’s worth and they are starting to believe in themselves. We have been working on ways around the client’s medical conditions and their budgeting, they were able to enjoy the success of their hard work as they were able to save enough to spend a bit in the gift shop and therefore be able to have something to take home to remember our trip by. The progress is growing day by day and with the experience of today we are hoping to venture out again in the future.

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