Parenting and Family Work  


Course Aims

A course designed specifically for those that believe in working holistically and raises awareness of the issues surrounding parenting and the dynamics of family life. The course will provide parents, carers and staff with a clear understanding of the benefits of understanding how stresses and pressures impact on family life. There will also be opportunity to explore different parenting models and how they can provide better outcomes for young people and their families.


This course uses models that include effective communication and understanding anger as well as the internal/external locus of control. All of this is placed within the context models of a practical of working within families. It will use group work and practical exercises that will inform and empower and can be used with both service users and staff.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand different parenting models
  • Understand the benefits of a holistic approach
  • Explore the ways that family work is being used to achieve better outcomes
  • To provide caregivers with a thorough knowledge of the content, themes, core concepts and strategies of positive parenting models
  • To empower carers in developing problem solving and assertiveness skills in families
  • To provide caregivers with simple practical teaching activities designed to increase the ability of young people to flourish in the family environment


“as a parent struggling to deal with my family,  Breaking The Cycle provided me with excellent support and training which has made a huge difference to my life at home…..thank you”


Parent receiving Social Services intervention