Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education Programmes

  • The standard cost for each PSHCE session will be charged at £170 per hour (2 trainers)
  • No charges for expenses will be added to these sessions
  • Each course will require preparation work and time for reflective practice and this will be absorbed into the standard charge for each session
  • All courses will be invoiced at the beginning of each month with payment made prior to the delivery of each months sessions
  • Parent Café sessions will cost £250 – 1.5 hours presentation and time spent with parents after the session for questions.
  • Individual support to be offered for young people, teachers and parents upon request and will be charged at £50 and work will commence following any agreement of work to be undertaken and proposed number of sessions.














Teacher Training Sessions

  • Sessions will be offered to teachers to develop learning in key areas of development as outlined below and will be charged at £100 per hour