Breaking The Cycle provides quality training in areas such as Effective Communication & Understanding Anger, Substance Misuse Awareness & Social Pedagogy and MAPPA Risk Management & Added Value Training. We can also create bespoke courses to your organisation’s or personal needs by using the experience and skills held by a large pool or trainers.

Here are an example of the course currently available:

Social Pedagogy

Substance Misuse Awareness and Social Pedagogy

Effective communication & Understanding Anger

Risk Management in the Age of Social Pedagogy

MAPPA Risk Management and Added Value Training

Self-Harm in the Age of Social Pedagogy

Individuals at Risk of Sexual Exploitation

Introduction to Social Pedagogy

Protective Behaviours and Social Pedagogy

Restorative Approaches and Conflict Resolution

Secure Base and Attachment

Managing Offending Behaviors

Safeguarding in the Age of Social Pedagogy

Attachment Theory