Self-Harm in the Age of Social Pedagogy


Course Aims

Breaking The Cycle has designed this package to raise awareness of the issues of self-harm and how adults in a caring role can understand and react. The course will provide parents, carers and staff with a clear understanding of the dysfunctional cycles that lead to self-harm and the psychological and bio-medical elements that impact on it.  For participants it will also increase confidence and knowledge to facilitate much more effective and holistic risk management.


The course aims to demystify what can be considered a complex process and provide staff with the confidence to manage issues of self-harm and be clear on what action is required to manage risks effectively in a holistic, social pedagogic fashion.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what Self-Harm is
  • What might cause a young person to self-harm
  • Explore ways that carers might be able to help a young person to control self-harming behaviour
  • Identify other available, useful and helpful resources


“The best training that I have ever attended, must have these trainers back please”


Foster carer, National Foster Association