Self Management

Today has been a great day for me as a PA as I’ve seen one of my clients show amazing determination and self management. Whenever I take time off, be that over Christmas when the company has a shut down period or when I go away on a holiday I worry about my clients. So many of them rely on the routine that I provide and the stability of having someone able to prompt them to make good decisions or someone that they can bounce their ideas off of to allow them to judge what is a good decision.

I have recently come back from some time off to find one of my clients had decided to have some time off from their medication, something that lead the CPN, the doctors and myself to become worried about. There was lots of discussions about the possibility to readmit them to hospital, which would have been a blow to both them and myself as they had come so far.

However we are a humanistic company and work hard to empower and enable the client, and through some guidance and my desire to go above and beyond I was over joyed to see an increase in their medication consumption. It was, at first, a day here and a day there of morning or evening medication being taken but suddenly this became more consistent. Then they started to take both morning and evening and this week they have been able to, on their own, control their medication correctly.

This for some may seem over the top but for someone with extreme mental health this has been an amazing step back on track, something that makes me proud to be in this job.

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