Substance Misuse and Legal Highs with Social Pedagogy


Course Aims

Breaking The Cycle has designed this package to raise awareness of legal highs and to empower participants to effectively engage with service users.  This course will explore the social, psychological and health implications as well as the risks associated with legal highs.  It is imperative that everyone who works with young people and adults have an understanding of legal highs and the impact that it has. In addition course participants will learn how new thinking with Social Pedagogy can address legal highs in a much more focused and empowering way.  We will also introduce interventions designed to assist users make positive choices to assist them live free of legal highs and substance misuse.


Learning Outcomes

  • An overview of Social Pedagogy and an increased knowledge of drugs, legal highs and the impact they have on users
  • An understanding of psychological, social and health effects of legal highs
  • Understanding substance misuse treatment within a social pedagogic framework
  • Participants will also be given up to date links and resources for information and development


“I have gained a thorough understanding of current trends. The trainers were very knowledgeable”


Adullum Housing Manager