Breaking The Cycle has a large staff base which allows us to run high quality training and PA service. We are able to provide this due to our staff bringing the knowledge gained from their work within areas such as the Justice System, Physical Training and Child Protection.

Joanna Thomas - Director of PA and PSHE Services

Joanna has an honours degree in Psychology, a masters in applied criminology and a member of the British Psychological Society. For the last 20 years Joanna has spent working directly with vulnerable individuals in a number of different secure establishments. Joanna has worked as a substance misuse worker in the Leicester Youth Offending Service offering 1 to 1 substance counselling to both adults & young people as well as designing and delivering substance awareness programs to young people, staff and parents/carers of young people.  For the last 4 years Joanna has developed and delivered a PSHE program for schools, run teacher and parent sessions on a number of including substance awareness, emotional wellbeing, bullying and per-pressure.

Simon Booth - Director of Training

Simon has been working in the area of training for over 20 years offering group intervention to adults with learning difficulties and young people from a range of backgrounds. He has been an active member of the Youth Offending Service for over 13 years employed as a case manager, group work coordinator and service manager. He has been a key partner in both the development and delivery of MAPPA training to the police, Health, The Probation Trust and the Youth Offending Service. In addition he has been a key trainer for a range of professionals in the effective management of high risk cases through the effective assessment of risk, developments of intervention plans and support with face to face intervention addressing both the internal and external risk factors.